The Team

Here are just a few of the visionary folks behind The Other 98%. Click on the name to see their biography.

Alexis Goldstein

Alexis Goldstein spent seven years working on Wall Street, at Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch and Deutsche Bank before quitting the industry in 2010. Alexis was highly active with Occupy Wall Street, co-wrote the 325-page comment letter on the Volcker Rule with Occupy the SEC, and is currently a team member of the Occupy Network, who put out the biweekly You Inbox: Occupied email newsletter. She is a contributor to The Nation, and has also written for n+1, the Washington Post and The American Prospect, and co-hosts the radical finance and economics podcast Disorderly Conduct. Alexis serves as the Communications Director for The Other 98%, where she also host a weekly web series called “Alexis Breaks It Down,” focusing on demystifying complex stores and concepts, from Supreme Court Cases, to the intricacies of government settlements, to bills in Congress that gut financial reform. You can follow her on twitter @alexisgoldstein.

Andy Menconi

Andy Menconi is a graphic designer and animator who has been creating viral content since 2000. While working as a web designer for Bank of America he won ‘Bush in 30 Years’: a flash animation contest sponsored by which opened the door to being the graphics guy for many leftist political organizations.

He went on to form Agit-Pop Communications, an award winning viral media firm with partners John Sellers of the Ruckus Society and Andrew Boyd of Billionaires for Bush. On tax day in 2010, Agit-Pop communications began a new project called ‘The Other 98%’ as a meme to help shift the dialogue of the culture war to one of economic justice.

Andy Menconi was born in Texas, graduated from AAC in San Francisco, loves punk rock, the NFL, green chile and romantic dinners on the beach.

Caitlyn McClure

Caitlyn McClure serves as Development Director for Other 98%. A second-generation native of Washington, DC, Caitlyn comes from a long line of educators, organizers, and rabble-rousers. As a founding member of Occupy DC, Caitlyn worked as a facilitator, organizer, social media wrangler, and occasionally an ad-hoc therapist for folks occupying and living in McPherson Square. Caitlyn left Occupy in 2012 to assist in building Nothing For Us Without Us, a radical initiative led by homeless youth that centers self-advocacy and self-determination in the struggle for housing, jobs, and human rights.

Caitlyn graduated from Bard College in 2009 with a degree in Literature, which has proven more relevant than it sounds. She is currently living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, where she spends her time reading, writing, and trying to drop casual hints to cashiers about going on strike.

John Sellers

John Sellers is co-founder of The Other 98%, a founding partner of Agit-Pop Communications, and President of the Ruckus Society. John worked for Greenpeace in the early 90s before leaving to help start Ruckus. He has had the great fortune to be integrally involved in powerful peaceful actions all over the world: from the high seas with the Rainbow Warrior to the streets of Seattle in the uprising against the WTO. He works from his home-office on a sleepy little island in the Puget Sound where he and his wife Genevieve homeschool their 8 year old twins Sam and Hazel. And he can out “apple-pie” your run-of-the-mill flag waving Tea-Bagger any day of the week.

Kelly Mears

Kelly Mears is Chief Technical Officer at Other 98%. As a founding organizer of Occupy DC, Kelly trained dozens of “non-techies” in web development and livestreaming, and organized “hackathons” with groups like Sunlight Laboratories and the Open Technology Initiative at New America Foundation. In late 2012, Kelly gained national attention when he embarked upon a hunger strike to raise awareness about DC voting rights.

Kelly grew up splitting his time between family in Elkins, West Virginia and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. He graduated from Bard College in New York in 2009. When not programming, Kelly often finds himself drinking water and eating food, like all carbon-based life. He’s somewhat concerned about the sustainability of this practice, but in the meantime also finds himself making noise, considering the absence of meaning, and loving to the best of his abilities.

Samantha Corbin

Samantha Corbin is Actions Director for The Other 98% and national coordinator of the US Uncut network, as well as a non-violent direct action trainer with The Ruckus Society and a founding member of the New York Action Network. She has coordinated scores of affinity group actions including banner hangs, blockades, and street theater actions; led several large-scale actions including the 5,000-strong Powershift 2011; and developed and delivered countless trainings in creative non-violent direct action, affinity group organizing, strategic planning, scouting, and high tech action. Throughout the Fall of 2011, she has been organizing and training with Occupy Wall Street. Sam is based in New York City.