Trevor Noah’s First Night on the Daily Show

Jon Stewart, the Walter Cronkite of Generation X (I don’t wanna speak for Millennials but I think they liked him too), has waltzed into the sunset. And while his departure might seem like a gaping hole in the political discourse of our country, it looks like he left us in good hands. The new guy,… Read more »

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Trump Says China

Some crazy maniac went through all of Trump’s campaign speeches and singled out the word ‘China’. I don’t know why this is so delightful, but it just is.

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Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

Right wing loons are going to do what right wing loons do… …which is lie, obfuscate, play into their base’s paranoia and even hysteria. But Planned Parenthood is not taking this sitting down. They and other related organizations are hitting back, exposing what lying liars are at the core of modern-day conservatism. It is really… Read more »

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