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“Dear Congress: Stop destroying our Postal Service. Lift the insane burden to pre-fund retiree benefits 75 years in the future, and stop punishing the rest of us for your austerity obsession.

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Congress: Stop Destroying Our Postal Service


We’re not talking about the electronic band, we’re talking about good old-fashioned snail mail. Y’know, letters, packages, the stuff you physically pick up, which employs hundreds of thousands of people and that virtually every small business and private individual in the United States relies on? Well, Congress has chosen to destroy it – and no, that’s not a joke.

The Postal Service has been around since the first draft of our Constitution – and has never, ever had any special financial requirements placed on it. Until now. See, in 2006 George W. Bush’s Republican Congress signed a bill to effectively kill the Postal Service, requiring it to pre-fund their workers’ health benefits *75 YEARS* into the future. 1

No country, corporation or government service has EVER been required to fund the full retiree health benefits for workers that aren’t even born yet – there is literally no financial reason to do so unless you wanted to kill the Postal Service for purely ideological reasons. And that’s what’s happening now, with the Postal Service forced to cut Saturday mail entirely unless Congress chooses not to destroy it by repealing or altering the Orwellian-named Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act. 2

There is no budget crisis. There is a Congressional crisis. And it’s time for Congress to stop destroying our postal service.