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I just gave President Obama a call and/or an email with a simple message: chained CPI is a huge cut to Social Security, and I will NOT accept cuts to Social Security.

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Cutting Social Security? Time To Call Out Obama!

BREAKING: Hundreds of Thousands of you have said Social Security cuts are unacceptable – and that’s why we’re joining with Senator Bernie Sanders and a broad range of progressive allied groups to deliver your signatures to the White House today, at 12:30 eastern. Watch here as we deliver your messages live!

It’s true – President Obama has proposed making a Chained CPI cut to Social Security – maybe the most devastating cut we can make, and a slap in the face to the elderly, veterans and the disabled. It’s time to reach out to Obama, and let him know a broad swath of the public thinks Social Security cuts are unacceptable – and it’ll have dire consequences for his second term.

The MAIN thing to do is give Obama a call or an email – here’s the numbers to try, 202-456-1111 and 202-456-1414 – and here’s the link to email him.

And here’s the message to send:

Hi, my name is [NAME] and I’m calling from [TOWN, STATE].

I’m calling to tell President Obama that I oppose any White House deal that would make cuts to Social Security benefits, whether that be a Chained CPI cut, privatization or anything else.

[IF YOU VOTED FOR PRESIDENT OBAMA IN 2012:] I voted for President Obama this year because I thought that it was time that the American people stood up and say we weren’t going to let the same old DC politics continue. If this deal goes forward, I’m going to have to conclude I was dead-wrong.

Can you tell President Obama that I want him to oppose any deal that cuts Social Security?


Thank you.

Here are some other ways to send President Obama a message right now:

1. Make an entry to the President Obama, Don’t Take My Social Security tumblr.

2. Call your Representative while you’re at it.