Guerilla Action NAILS NYC’s David Koch Theater During Red Carpet Event

May 12, 2011 | In: Actions, Featured


Last night the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City went through a process of identity correction.

1,000 people gathered to launch Koch Brothers Exposeda new project of Brave New Foundation and The Other 98% — by projecting a short film about the billionaire Koch Brothers onto the front of the Kochs’ own building. Simultaneously, a small team of pranksters placed the giant sticker pictured above on the front of the theater. The boisterous crowd featured a live marching band, free popcorn, and – most importantly – the truth about the Koch Brothers.

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Who ARE the Koch Bros?

David and Charles Koch represent the worst of the corrosive elements that have turned our democracy into a pay-to-play system of government; a system where the corporate elite are able to continuously extend their power, wealth and influence while the majority of citizens are relegated further and further to the margins. Their cynical funding of the Tea Party, which has become the tip of a right wing spear that will never stop seeking tax cuts for the rich and won’t sleep until what remains of a social safety net is completely shredded, is but their latest venture in a long, long campaign to subvert democracy in order to improve their bottom line. These are the kind of guys that fund climate change “skeptics” (read: they purchase bunk science) in order to protect their investments in the fossil fuel industry. The kind of guys that try to derail health care reform because they’ve concluded that it will cut into their profit margins.


The Details

The action started with about 500 people gathering around the back of the David Koch Theater in Lincoln Center. There they were treated to free popcorn and and a giant projected film of the evil deeds of the Koch Brothers’ – on the walls of their own theater.

The commotion around back drew the security away from the stealthy re-naming going on at the front of the building.

At the front of the building the crowds swelled to close to 1,000 and there were more projections coming from a hotel across the street and covering much of the front of the building.

The projected film had the Koch Brothers saying things like “I trademarked Greed. That’s right. I own it.” And “I love democracy. That’s why I buy elections.”

People chanted and took photos. Police cars swarmed the area. Guests from the red carpet event came outside to see what the commotion was about. It took the security guards about 20 minutes to get the sticker down, and the projection went on for just under an hour.

The entire event went smoothly, and for a golden hour last night, the David H. Koch Theater told the truth about its namesake.