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“I’m asking you, as my Representative in Congress, to support the one-sentence Cancel The Sequester Act, and get back to fixing actual longstanding problems, not crises of your own making.”

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Dear Congress: Just Cancel The Sequester.


BREAKING: Alan Grayson is delivering our petition to John Boehner’s office. Yes, really.

Congress made the Sequester, and they can literally just cancel it at any time. It didn’t come from space, or another dimension: we made it, we can end it.

Thankfully, there’s a one-sentence bill, the Cancel The Sequester Act, that does just that. (Click here to read the bill yourself.) Use this form to send a clear message to your Representative:

We have too many real, longstanding problems to deal with the crises you created. Cancel the sequester, and get back to solving our real economic and environmental problems.