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“I’m asking you to support The Corporate Tax Fairness Act. We’re tired of Job Destroyer corporations cutting private jobs in an age of record profits, while also cutting the funding for public jobs by skirting their taxes.”

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$1.7 Trillion.

In a time of record-breakingly low taxes for the rich and austerity hype for the rest of us, that’s how much money Fortune 100 corporations alone stow in offshore tax havens each year.1

When the richest corporations in the world slash private jobs while taking in record profits, while cutting the funding for public jobs by refusing to pay their taxes, they are destroying jobs – and that hurts all of us.

ENOUGH. Senator Bernie Sanders and Rep. Jan Schakowsky are introducing a bill, The Corporate Tax Fairness Act, that effectively does away with corporate tax havens and brings the money back home, where it belongs.

Let your member of Congress know it’s time to tell the Job Destroyer corporations: Pay Up or Shut Up.

(You can read the bill in PDF format here.)