Even Fox News Admits: Exxon Hates Your Children

February 11, 2013 | In: Actions, Events


It’s true: Fox News is airing our Exxon Hates Your Children ad before the State Of The Union.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post reports on the ad playing on Fox.

For the first time ever, Fox News viewers are going to hear the truth about Exxon and Climate Change.

Let’s let them know how excited we are:

1. Join our Thunderclap to let the world know!

2. Watch the ad tonight! You can find out when it’s playing here.

3. Tweet out the news! Click here to spread the word.

4. Go to the Fox News Facebook page, leave the link http://bit.ly/foxtellsthetruth as a comment on their posts, and thank them for airing our ad!

Here’s a sample comment you can copy:

Super-excited that Fox is airing the Exxon Hates Your Children ad this week! Fox: thank you for finally telling the truth about Exxon and climate change. Here’s the story: http://bit.ly/foxtellsthetruth