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The petition reads:

“If my Representative or Senator votes to make ANY cuts to Social Security, I will support a primary challenge to remove them from office. That means you.”

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PLEDGE: If you cut Social Security, I WILL primary you.

UPDATE: We recently joined with Senator Bernie Sanders and a broad range of progressive allied groups to deliver your signatures to the White House – you can watch it here.

President Obama has done the unthinkable: proposing over $100 billion in cuts to Social Security.[1] And now Congress might go along with it.

If we want to stop Congress from making unprecedented cuts to Social Security so some rich people keep their tax cuts, we have to act NOW. Use this form to send a clear message to your Representative:

A vote to cut Social Security is a vote to get primaried. Sign in on the right to send a message to your Representative and make a phone call.


[1] Associated Press: Obama seeks deal, proposes cuts to Social Security.