The Other 98% is both a non-profit organization and a grassroots network of concerned people that shines a light on economic injustice, undue corporate influence and threats to democracy. We work to kick corporate lobbyists out of DC, hold elected officials accountable, and make America work for the other 98% of us.

Our Mission: Build a massive new movement.

The mission of Other 98% is simple but bold: to be a storytelling force that stirs people to action. We challenge the stranglehold of corporate power by creating our own educational tools and crafting our own narrative, one that sparks the cultural shift we need to build new systems for a healthy and vibrant new world.

Since our first action on Tax Day of 2010, Other 98% has exploded into a nationwide force for change, with an active base of over 300,000 people. With our signature combination of education, massive online engagement and creative storytelling, we’ve pulled off some seriously bold campaigns – and we’re just getting started.

100,000 say no to forced arbitration

The Other 98% is (almost) all of us. It’s a political home for the silent majority of Americans who are tired of corporate control of our government, our institutions, and our planet. Join us.

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