MLK’s Dream -vs- Glenn Beck’s “honor”

On August 28, Celebrate the Dream, a group of faith leaders and community organizers, erected a massive People’s Memorial to Martin Luther King on the National Mall on the 47th anniversary of his “I Have a Dream Speech.” Just a stone’s throw away Glen Beck and his teabaggers rallied in the name of “Restoring Honor.” We asked both groups what MLK’s Dream meant to them.

The Other 98% is a grassroots network of folks committed to kicking greedy corporate asses for the harder working classes. And we have fun doing it.

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too good to be true
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Go Solar!
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Oakland Middle School Offers Banned Books to Students
Prison Industrial Complex
California Spends more per Inmate than per Student
With liberty and justice for all
Texas School District Celebrates Banned Book Week by Bannin’ Some Books
People Power
Students Protest New Anti-Protest Curriculum
What a Rip-Off
Congress Makes $608 per Hour?
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Launch a Bombing Campaign, or Do Nothing?
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Key & Peele Rule
Key & Peele: Alien Imposters
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High-level Conflicts of Interest in Michael Brown Case Exposed
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More Heroes Please
NFL Player Retires to Give His Brother a Kidney
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Military Industrial Clusterfuck
A Mansion for Every Homeless Person
u2 so silly
Gonna Get Rich
It's Payback Time
Africa for Norway
Not All Billionaires are Created Equal
Soros -vs- Koch Infographic
Good people doing good things.
Giving to People Who Give
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cheers to the crazy dreamers
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thanks, supreme court. thanks for nothing.
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They're the evil thing.
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over it.
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Exxon Hates the World
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Whopper of a Dodge
protect net neutrality
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Matt Bors
Fear of a Black Victim
We Only Get One Chance
The Science is in. Fracking causes earthquakes.
The Essence of Teaching
In Defense of the Ferguson Riots
nothing roflcopter about this
Internet Memes VS the FCC’s plan for Net Neutrality
The Conflict in Iraq: Here’s the Context the Media is Missing
He will join us or die, my master.
Emperor Palpatine was pretending to be a Wall Street Regulator
Center for Public Integrity: Lawmakers issue dueling Dodd-Frank reports
oh hell no
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