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President Obama,

I am outraged about the evidence of oil lobbyist influence in the State Department’s evaluation of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands oil pipeline.

Mr. President, when you ran for office, you inspired millions with your call to change the way that Washington works by curbing the influence of lobbyists. Are you still that person, or have you sold out to Big Oil?

Reject your State Department’s Big Oil bias and the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

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President Obama: Stop The Pipeline


Have you heard about the Keystone XL pipeline? It’s a massive Big Oil project that would carry crude oil from Canadian tar sands, across the United States, and into the global marketplace – all while spewing enough carbon into the air to make it impossible to deal with future climate change.

That’s right – it will ruin our children’s future, while providing zero benefit to the American economy or American workers.

President Obama can veto the pipeline by himself – but groups like DeSmogBlog, Oil Change International, The Other 98% and Friends of the Earth investigated the cozy relationships between key State Department officials and corporate lobbyists for the pipeline, and they lead all the way to the president’s doorstep.

President Obama made a campaign promise to shut out oil lobbyists, yet the State Department’s blatant bias toward approving the Keystone XL pipeline is a clear example of oil influence over our democracy.

It’s not too late for the president to do the right thing. Join our letter to President Obama today.

Check out our investigative infographic on the Keystone XL Pipeline and the Obama administration: