Other98 is bigger than Trump on Facebook, LOL

Yeah, our 2.7 million fans are impressive. But when it comes to the most important metric of all, we’re un-f***ing-paralleled.

Unless you’re a huge Facebook nerd, you probably don’t know about an awesome little metric called “People Talking About This.”

Everyone is familiar with “likes,” the number of people who have clicked “like” on your page. But any savvy marketing expert (ugh) will tell you that a “like” isn’t worth much if the like-er isn’t reading your articles or sharing your hilarious memes with their friends. That’s where “People Talking About This” comes in: it measures the number of people who are actually engaging with the stuff that a page publishes on Facebook.

Other98 has more than 4.6 million “People Talking About This” in our engaged audience.

a screenshot showing the number of people talking about Other98 on Facebook, which is about 4,600,000 people

Bigger than the New York Times:
screenshot showing the New York Times PTAT score, which is 1,958,000 people

Bigger than the Washington Post:
screenshot showing Washington Post's PTAT score, which is 795,000

Bigger than friggin’ Justin Bieber (like, by a lot, it’s kind of sad):
Screenshot showing Justin Bieber's PTAT score, which is  1,684,000

But most importantly,  bigger than Donald “Bigot, Blowhard, and Baby-Hands” Trump:

screenshot showing Donald Trump's PTAT score, which is 1,694,000


In all seriousness, we’re so grateful to the super-smart, super-engaged folks who like, comment, and share our stuff with the world.

This is what people-powered media looks like, and it is the future. So let the mainstream media have their Trump circus. Let them ignore the hundreds of other candidates running for office, and let them make no mention of the fact that almost 90% of the seats in Congress are up for grabs in November. We’ll do the damn thing ourselves. Here’s to making our own media, telling our own stories, and kicking ass.