March 24, 2015

The Best Ted Cruz Campaign Slogans

Ted Cruz recently announced his bid for the presidency, but aside from his climate denial, homophobia, anti-science mindset and catering to the needs of the super rich, there is just one little problem; the poor guy doesn’t have a slogan yet. Luckily Twitter was there to help him out. (and we just couldn’t help ourselves… Read more »

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March 23, 2015

No, You Can’t Work Your Way Through College Anymore

Originally published at Republished here with permission. It’s a popular trope, especially among baby boomers, to lecture students to “just work your way through college! That’s what I did!” But it turns out, it’s nearly impossible to do that today. Randy Olson, a PhD candidate in Michigan State University’s Computer Science program, crunched the… Read more »

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March 20, 2015

This is What Climate Change Talks Look Like in Florida Now

You’ve probably seen the story already: employees at multiple state agencies in Florida have been banned from using the terms “climate change,” “global warming,” and “sustainability” in meetings, press conferences – basically anywhere that the public might see or hear them speak. So what happens when you have to hold a hearing about climate change… Read more »

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