April 13, 2015

Bank Workers Rally for Better Treatment

On Monday, April 13th in Minneapolis workers held a rally calling for better jobs for themselves and better treatment for their customers, as a part of the National Day of Action for Bank Workers. Bank workers standing up at @WellsFargo in MN for better working conditions #BetterBanksToday pic.twitter.com/j4ZjHHCDzz — Better Banks (@ForBetterBanks) April 13, 2015 What… Read more »

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April 8, 2015

Mr. President, You Can Close the Dark Money Loophole

Picture this: A major corporation wins a government contract for services like weapons manufacturing or setting up surveillance systems. That contract makes the corporation billions of your tax dollars. Then, that corporation secretly spends big money to help elect (or re-elect) — you guessed it — the very lawmakers that influence decisions about government contracts… Read more »