June 2, 2016

Crowdfunded Kayak Armada Shuts Down Shell. Again.

Shit is getting real in the climate fight. Activists are blocking oil trains, shutting down coal mines, and in the Pacific Northwest a growing fleet of kayak activists are blocking Shell’s oil tankers with nothing but 8-foot boats and lots of guts. Almost exactly one year after the Shell No protests against Arctic drilling made… Read more »

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April 12, 2016

This Is How Hillary Bought her Superdelegates

Isn’t it odd that so many superdelegates gave their vote to Hillary Clinton before the race even started? Why would that be? We’re not trying to do the whole tinfoil hat thing here; it’s just that a superdelegate doesn’t have to declare who their vote will be for until the actual day of the convention,… Read more »

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