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Dear GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic:

I'm pledging NOT to shop at your stores this holiday season until you've signed onto the Bangladesh Safety Accord. Get your act together!


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“Shopping your values means shopping at somewhere that doesn’t endanger child workers repeatedly – boycott GAP, Old Navy & Banana Republic this year!”

HUH? Children as young as 12 make clothes for GAP, Old Navy and Banana Republic with no fire extinguishers or exits.

HOW? Over 1800 workers have died in their Bangladesh Garment district since 2005.

WHY? GAP, Old Navy, and Banana Republic refuse to hold themselves accountable for the working conditions that cause these ongoing deaths – and refuse to sign the Bangladesh Safety Accord that’d bring their practices up to even the most basic level of human rights.

Join us in telling GAP, Old Navy & Banana Republic: Until they stop mistreating workers, we’ll shop our values this holiday season by shopping elsewhere.