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I pledge to boycott Walmart this Black Friday, in solidarity with their workers striking for the most basic rights.


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“When Walmart screws workers, they screw the economy for all of us – let’s show the workers fighting back our support!”

HUH? Walmart keeps it workers the way it likes them: poor, uninsured and under constant threats of retaliation and workplace injury, all while destroying the local economy so it’s even harder to find a humane job. 1

HOW? The idea of mass strikes at Walmart was once unthinkable – but thanks to organizing by unbelievably brave Walmart workers that began last year, Black Friday strikes are a reality for the second year in a row.2

WHY? It’s not just what Walmart does to its workers that means we should show them we mean business – it’s what they’re doing to you: Walmart is so obscenely rich that the way they treat workers affects your living standard, the way they run their business affects our climate and air, the way they sell food affects our agricultural system, and so on.3

How ridiculously bad has it gotten for Walmart workers? Walmart has started holding canned food drives – for their own employees.4

ENOUGH: Walmart is going to do whatever it can to tamp down media coverage of the strikes. By supporting Walmart strikers, either by attending protests or publicly boycotting them this Black Friday, we can help make that impossible for them. Join us, sign the pledge: let the world know you won’t be at Walmart this Black Friday.

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