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March 23, 2016

We Demand a Voter’s Bill of Rights

Voting during the primaries has been a shit show all over America. Millions of voters have endured long hours waiting to vote. Thousands of voters have been turned away. That ain’t Democracy.


December 6, 2015

WTF Hormel?!

How long would it take you to inspect a hog for signs of disease or contamination? Five minutes? Ten? Well, workers at Hormel factories get just 3 seconds. That means disgusting things are ending up in your bacon, all so Hormel can make as much as money in as little time as possible. Hormel runs… Read more »


November 23, 2015

Take the Walmart Pledge

Walmart can afford to do right by its workers, and we’re ready to take serious action to ensure that it does. So take the pledge: I will not step foot inside a Walmart until it has met the demands of the people who make its billions: a minimum wage of $15/hour and access to fulltime hours.