The 30-Second Climate Change ad Exxon Forced Off The Air

February 14, 2013 | In: Resources

The following 30-second climate change ad has already aired in three major media markets across the United States, to great acclaim as the first nationally crowdfunded climate change PSA. It was scheduled to play during Fox’s State of the Union coverage this past Tuesday. Then Exxon sent a single email, and it was unilaterally taken off the air. Here’s the ad you weren’t allowed to see:

That’s right: the richest company in the world couldn’t stand even 30 seconds of critical climate change coverage on the airwaves that we own. And they went after you, and your right to have a voice in national media. That’s why 10,000 Americans have already signed our public letter to Exxon, with a clear message: “You Can’t Silence Us.”

Every year U.S. taxpayers give Exxon and the rest of Big Carbon at least $10 Billion corporate welfare, free of chage. People are tired of seeing our political system bullied by the biggest oil companies in the world. It’s time to fight back.