Investigate The Walker-Koch Connection

Everyone’s talking about it: Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin refuses to speak honestly to his constituents on the most controversial anti-union bill in the country – but a single gonzo journalist pretends to be far-right Billionaire funder David Koch, and he can get on the phone with Walker immediately for an extended chat.

Now, deeper, more disturbing suggestions of Walker-Koch collusion are emerging: Koch industries stand to benefit from an obscure subsection of the bill opening ownership of the state’s power plants and heating facilities to no-bid contractors, Halliburton-style. Meanwhile, investigative reporters have uncovered that the Koch Brothers donated over $1 million to Walker’s election effort.

The amassing evidence of a possible Walker-Koch connection is becoming more and more concerning. Attorney General Eric Holder and US Attorney for Wisconsin, John William Vaudreuil, need to investigate potential collusion now, before any state giveaway of utilities can take place.


This week, disturbing news has come forward about the connections between Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and the far-right billionaire Koch Brothers.

* It seems very likely that Gov. Walker broke campaign finance and ethics laws by coordinating with someone he thought was a political donor. (1) (2)

* It has come to light that Wisconsin Senate Bill 11, controversial primarily for its anti-worker’s rights implications, contains a provision (SECTION 44. 16.896) that allows the state to transfer or sell ownership of its power plants and/or heating/cooling facilities to any contractor, regardless of bid size – a highly unusual provision which Koch Industries is uniquely positioned to abuse. (3)

* All of this takes place in the context of a 2010 election season where the Kochs contributed over $1 million to Walker’s election effort, either directly to the Walker campaign itself, or indirectly through the Republican Governors Association.

A wide swath of American news media, ranging from Forbes on the right, to Mother Jones on the left, have flagged these connections as suspicious at best, and possibly criminal. The time to ensure there is no collusion taking place is before the passage of Senate Bill 11, and not after.

For all these reasons, we the undersigned call immediately for a formal investigation.


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Investigate The Walker-Koch Connection Now

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