Anyone Can Power Their Home With Clean Energy Right Now – With No Extra Cost

windmills over an ocean at sunset

Sustainable energy is growing at a breakneck speed in the USA, but for many of us, it still seems out of reach— we can’t afford to put solar panels on our house or build a wind farm on the roof of our apartment building. Luckily, there’s a no-cost alternative: renewable energy company Arcadia Power.

Arcadia lets you access clean energy without any new equipment; they’ll match 50% of your energy bill with clean energy for free, or you can go 100% clean for just a few extra dollars. You can sign up now and have clean energy by the time you get your next utility bill, plus four free LED bulbs—just to make sure you’re really pissing off fossil fuel corporations.

Arcadia Power is a Certified B Corp— think fair trade certified coffee, but for a business. And their renewable energy certificates (RECs), which verify your usage of clean energy, are certified through Green-e Energy, the nation’s leading program for renewable energy.

Here’s how it works: when you buy RECs (or when Arcadia buys them on your behalf), you are taking ownership of wind energy that’s being fed onto the grid. Once energy reaches the grid, it mixes together with the energy from coal and hydroelectric plants, solar farms, landfill gas, etc. Utility companies then pull electrons off the grid and deliver them to homes and businesses.

By signing up with Arcadia, you’ll be ensuring that wind energy is being sourced onto the grid on your behalf. And that’s crucial: wind farms rely on the revenue from RECs to offer their energy at a price that is competitive against fossil fuels.

Signing up is pretty simple:

  • First you’ll enter your local utility information (Arcadia Power is available in all 50 states!) and your preferred method of payment.
  • The Arcadia platform monitors your monthly electricity usage, and buys RECs from wind farms to match that usage.
  • You get one single bill that will show you your local utility charge, along with your clean energy matches. You can track your impact monthly with your personalized energy dashboard.

Plus, you get early access to bill-savings programs, rewards, efficiency tips—and humans that will actually answer your calls if you have questions.

All it takes are a few minutes to sign up! You can choose between replacing half your utility bill with clean energy for free, or you can kick in a few dollars a month to replace 100% your entire utility bill with all clean energy. That’s it!

Get access to clean energy for your home and 4 free LED lights right here.

Written by Arcadia Power

Arcadia Power is a nationwide renewable energy company. We were founded with one simple mission in mind: to make our world better by changing the way we power our homes and businesses from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.