Bruce Springsteen Goes Boss All Over North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Bill

In a statement posted to Facebook today, the legendary Bruce Springsteen announced that he’s cancelling all upcoming shows in North Carolina over their draconian anti-LGBT, anti-worker bill, HB2.

The statement reads:

Posted by Bruce Springsteen on Friday, April 8, 2016


HB2 has caused a huge wave of solidarity acts like this one, with multiple state governors banning state-sponsored travel to North Carolina, big-time directors threatening to pull projects shooting in North Carolina, and companies like SalesForce announcing they’ll cancel conferences, planned store openings, and store openings if the law is not overturned. Let’s hope it works.

Written by Caitlyn McClure

Caitlyn is a rabble-rouser and writer based in Olympia, WA. She is a copywriter and logistics specialist for Tiny Pixel Collective, a web shop providing activists and artists with the tools they need to tell stories that inspire change.