Bush’s New Tax Plan Gifts Himself $773,000

Can we stop making stupid people president?

Why do people from the Bush family keep getting elected? Their only solution to anything is to cut taxes from the rich, i.e. trickle-down economics. Hard to believe it was George Bush, Sr. who first coined the term ‘Voodoo Economics’ to explain Ronald Reagan’s tax plan, but once the Gipper asked him to be his V.P., he never looked back. Just this week, Jeb released his new tax plan and what do you know, it gives the super rich – including Jeb Bush himself – a whopping tax cut of $773,000.

From Time Magazine:

Economists at the liberal Center for American Progress Action Fund reviewed Bush’s 2013 tax returns, his most recent ones available, and found that Jeb’s federal tax liability would have been $773,677 less that year [under his proposed tax plan]. It’s a staggering sum, but it’s reflective of Bush’s overall plan to dramatically cut taxes across the board in the hopes that Americans would use their newfound pocket change to buy more goods and grow the economy.

Haha, yeah, well, funny thing about that, if trickle-down economics worked so well, how come after 30 years of it our economy is still in the shitter, our standard of living has been dropping since the 70’s, our bridges and highways are dilapidated, we have more hungry children than any other country in the developed world and we also happen to have a buncha billionaires who want another tax cut?

Written by Other98 Team