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Americans Asked the EPA to Reject Keystone XL. Then They Did.

Last Spring activists put on a massive light show on the EPA’s front door, demanding they speak out against Keystone XL. This week, the EPA sent a letter to the State Department doing just that.

The EPA’s letter to the State Department warns of the carbon emissions and spills that could result from Keystone XL. More importantly, the letter gives President Obama cover to cancel Trans-Canada’s permit for the Keystone, which would kill this dirty pipeline for good. This is a huge victory for the Climate Movement.

The EPA projection action happened during Reject and Protect, an encampment on the National Mall in DC by indigenous people and landowners living along the proposed route of the Keystone XL.

More than 31,000 people co-signed a letter from Other98 to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy urging her agency to do its job and speak out against the pipeline. Then Other98 teamed up with Bold Nebraska, and Reject and Protect to cover the EPA headquarters in DC with #NoKXL messages using a high powered projector. Check out our projection action below:

To all 31,000 co-signers of our letter to the EPA, and everyone who attended our light projection action, and to all the incredibly hard working members of the climate movement, THANK YOU! We demanded the EPA speak out, and this week, they did.

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Written by Other98 Team