Is there an explosive “bomb train” rolling through your neighborhood?

You’ve no doubt heard of these oil trains, which killed dozens of people in Laq Megantic, Canada, last year.

But did you know that some of the cars carrying this oil are so old and outdated that even the Department of Transportation says they’re unsafe? Yeah, you read that right.

Despite their decrepit condition, the numbers of trains full of these dangerous cars of volatile oil are are increasing in a big way. This summer, thousands of people took a stand, bringing the fight to city halls, fire chiefs and oil and rail executives across the nation — even putting their bodies on the tracks in places like Richmond, California, and Everett, Washington.

And last month, they got some protection, but definitely not the kind they’d hoped for. After a record year of unsafe oil trains derailing, spilling, and exploding across the country, President Obama proposed new regulations for unsafe tank cars. But the rules he proposed protect industry profit rather than public safety.

We have until Sept 30 to demand accountability from the federal government. Speak your mind today – let President Obama and Secretary of Transportation Foxx know that we won’t stand for regulations that protect profits, not people.

Written by Other98 Team