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Exxon Hates This Map

The UN Climate Summit is about to hit New York City, and in the lead-up to it we’re trying to make Big Oil’s treachery a big news story. You can help us make that happen with just your phone, subway fare, and this map.

Here’s the deal: we have two different ads running in fifty subway stations across the city. The ads have a simple message: Exxon Hates the World.

We need to make sure this message hits the news, too. And while some subway ads alone aren’t newsworthy, what is newsworthy is photos of those ads appearing all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media platforms you can think of.

Here’s where you come in: look for our ads the next time you’re on the subway. When you see one, take a photo with it, and tag it on social media using the hashtag #ExxonHates!

Here are some of the tweets we’ve seen out in the wild. Keep ’em coming!

You can use the map above to find all the stations running the ad. You could even make a day of riding the rails, snapping as many ads as you can find.

We want to flood social media with the truth about Big Oil, and make it a story so big, the media can’t ignore it. Will you help us?

Written by Other98 Team