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All Eyes on Virginia: State Police Suspend Permit of Charlottesville to D.C. Marchers

Today, leaders from Charlottesville to D.C.: The March to End White Supremacy, ended the fifth day of their 10-day trek, three miles from their planned goal (11 miles) after the Virginia State Police Department suspended the permit that organizers had secured for the day. Police cited rainy weather and traffic concerns when suspending the permit, but organizers pushed back saying they have been marching in little to no rain and traffic has continued to flow smoothly. Organizers believe state police suspended their permit in response to complaints from members of the surrounding community.

"Enough is enough."These activists are marching from Charlottesville to DC in The March to Confront White Supremacy:

Posted by Splinter on Thursday, August 31, 2017

Of the 118-mile trek from Charlottesville to Washington D.C., marchers have 70 miles left to go, according to march organizers. This is not the first time that organizers have been halted on the march. On day three, the trek ended early after organizers received threats of an armed person waiting for them at the end of their route in Madison, Va. Marchers, all of whom are demanding the removal of President Trump and elected officials who embolden and support white supremacists, and the undoing of policies that protect them, will continue their journey through Culpeper, Va. tomorrow. Organizers of the march joined with march participants to release the following statement:

Today the Virginia State Police revoked our permit because of non-existent ‘rain and traffic,’ and threatened to arrest us if we marched. Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s double standard is as clear as the skies and roads, and his disregard for the rights of non-racists is appalling and shameful.
— Ben Doerberg, IfNotNow

“We are fully committed to completing the march in spite of pressure from local community members and the state police department to shrink and cower. We will wake up again tomorrow, put on our shoes and continue marching until we reach Washington, D.C. to deliver our demands at the Capitol,” march organizers said.

“We strongly question claims that our nonviolent, direct action is causing a disturbance to the community members and drivers in the surrounding area. Instead, we remain united in confronting white supremacy, hatred, and greed, and in stopping any further attacks on our fundamental rights. We are committed to fighting for an America that makes real its promise from centuries ago: Freedom and justice for all.”

Written by Kelly Mears

Kelly is the Technical Director of Other98.