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Why Gerrymandering Sucks in One Pic

As if money in politics wasn’t a big enough deterrent to fairness in this country, Gerrymandering just proves that we are playing against a stacked deck. This handy dandy chart from the Wonkblog really sums up how easy it is to divide and conquer no matter what the odds are. This has been going on for way too long and it’s not just Republicans who are guilty of this; Democrats just aren’t as good at it as Republicans.

So ya see, it doesn’t matter that there are more blue squares in the above example. If you creatively arrange the lines dividing everything, you can guarantee a win.

This week the Supreme Court made a pretty awesome ruling that independent panels can draw election district lines. Only time will tell if these districts will end up being a bit more fair for both sides of the aisle, but then again there is always money in politics. ;)

Written by Other98 Team