#GOPDnD is my new favorite hashtag

OK, if you are as nerdy as I am you will love the new hashtag that is going around: #GOPDnD. It basically takes the GOP world view and political strategy and applies them to the iconic game Dungeons and Dragons loved by Nerds across the Earth.

For those of you who didn’t waste years of your adolescence rolling dice in a fictional world of Drow, Druids and Bugbears, think ‘Game of Thrones’ meets ‘House of Cards’ as kind of a geeky board game.

Proof that nerds are the funniest folks on Twitter:

Maybe it’s me, but I could read these all day. I’m sure #RedneckDnD could gather up some perfect tweets as well. The Democrats need one for their party too:

DM: Paladin with battle armor +10 has joined your team
Democrats: Cast fireball to destroy Paladin
DM: but he just swept in and saved almost half your party
Democrats: Let’s get him nice and toasty!

I crack myself up.

Ready for some more #GOPDnD tweets?


You can check out even more of them on this Twitter feed.

Written by Andy Menconi

Andy Menconi is the Art Director of Other98.