We Kept Burger King’s Tax Dodger Out of a High-Level Treasury Job!

President Obama had previously nominated investment banker Antonio Weiss to the serve in the third-highest job within the U.S. Treasury Department. This troubled many, as Weiss is the investment banker who advised Burger King on their tax-dodging purchase of Canadian chain Tim Horton’s.

But opposition from the public, from Senators, and from the over 20,000 of you who sent your Senators email, helped stop Weiss’s nomination,and helped to cinch this victory.

Politico reports:

Antonio Weiss, the Wall Street banker who President Barack Obama had picked to be the third-ranking official at the Treasury Department, has asked that the president not resend his nomination to the Senate following a major backlash from progressive Democrats who questioned his ties to the financial industry, POLITICO has learned.

We’d previously warned about this nomination, and together with your help, generated 20,000 emails to Senators’ offices, asking for them to oppose Weiss’s nomination. As notes, many Senators publicly came out against Weiss’s nomination:

“[Weiss] was publicly opposed by Senators Elizabeth Warren, Dick Durbin, Jeanne Shaheen, Bernie Sanders, Al Franken, Joe Manchin and Tammy Baldwin.”

While Weiss has not sought re-nomination for this senior level position, he will still serve in the Treasury Department, as a counselor to Secretary Jack Lew.

But the fact that Weiss will not be in the third highest position at the Treasury Department remains a victory we can all be happy about.

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Written by Other98 Team