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L.A. to Declare a State of Emergency Over Homelessness

Los Angeles’s homeless situation is not an isolated incident. Even as the number of homeless people in America decline, the amount of homeless people in our cities is rising. At a time when our economy is booming for a very select few, the cost of living is rising at an alarming rate chasing people out of their homes and into the streets. It’s appalling to think it has come to this when there are currently enough empty houses in america to give homes to every single citizen who needs one.

From – Los Angeles has become the first city in the nation to declare a public emergency in response to a boom in the number of homeless people on its streets, the New York Times reported.

The street-dwelling population has grown so large that it constitutes a city within a city: Officials estimate about 26,000 people roam Los Angeles unsheltered.

The crisis has grown so dire that the mayor and a number of City Council members proposed Tuesday that the city spend $100 million in the next year on permanent housing and shelters, Reuters reports.

“This city has pushed this problem from neighborhood to neighborhood for too long, from bureaucracy to bureaucracy,” Mayor Eric Garcetti said, according to Al Jazeera America. “Every single day we come to work, we see folks lying on this grass, a symbol of our city’s intense crisis.”

The homeless population of L.A. is too damn high!

The details: In the past two years, the homeless population in the city of Los Angeles has grown by 12%, and Los Angeles County as a whole has seen an 85% uptick in the number of people scraping by without a solid roof over their heads. Read more at

Is your city next?

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