NY Post Business Front Page Features Whistleblow Wall Street

A photograph of the front page of the NY Post Business sectionWhistleblow Wall Street made the front page of NY Post’s Business section; the Post does a pretty decent job (believe it or not) of breaking down the theory of change behind the campaign.


Billboards urge Wall Street employees to report financial crimes
October 17, 2015
By John Aidan Byrne

The NYPD asks if you see something, say something. And now a band of Wall Street gadflies are similarly seeking help in sniffing out weapons of financial destruction.

The financial industry requests hit New York like a thunderbolt last week, announced by in-your-face billboards across downtown Manhattan advertising an encrypted new way bank employees can electronically and anonymously disclose sensitive statements and documents on suspected workplace fraud.

The aim is to help level the playing field on Wall Street between get-rich-quick shady operators and the often-innocent workers, according to a grassroots coalition of workers. Behind this campaign urging bank employees to blow the whistle in an intensified clampdown on suspected corruption are advocates and lawyers.


“If You See Something, Do Something,” scream the billboards, which will be visible, organizers say, until the end of October from Exchange Place in lower Manhattan north to Greenwich Street. They also tout the campaign’s Web site,


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