NYTimes Mansplains to Senator Warren Why More Bankers Are Good

Remember the investment banker who helped Burger King on their tax-dodging inversion deal with Tim Horton’s…and then got nominated to work in the Treasury Department? The same banker that Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Dick Durbin said they’d oppose?

Well, it looks like Wall Street is OH SO MAD at Senator Warren for her opposition, and they’ve released the hounds…in the form of one NYTimes writer.

In an incredibly patronizing article, Andrew Ross Sorkin mounts a defense of investment banker Antonio Weiss, and spills over 1,200 words mansplaining to Elizabeth Warren why, according to him, “her wrath is misdirected” and “her opposition appears misinformed.”

In a truly bad look, Sorkin seems oblivious to the gendered way he critiques the Senator’s position. Two things stand out as particularly odd. First, Sorkin focuses exclusively on Senator Warren’s opposition, while completely ignoring that Senator Dick Durbin has also come out against Antonio Weiss. Sorkin has no words for Durbin’s misdirected wrath, for Durbin’s “misinformed” opposition. Second, Sorkin makes an odd shift in honorifics halfway through the article. He starts off calling Senator Warren by the title of “Senator,” but then oddly switches to “Ms.” (not Senator) in the sixth paragraph. Perhaps Sorkin merely wanted variety in titles. Or perhaps he meant to minimize Senator Warren’s position in the mind of his readers.

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But perhaps the most hilarious thing about the Sorkin piece is one of the arguments he uses to try and show why Senator Warren’s “wrath is misdirected.” Sorkin writes that Antonio Weiss “is hardly the prototypical banker. He is a protégé of the writer and editor George Plimpton and is the publisher of The Paris Review, the literary magazine.” You heard it here, first, bankers! All you need to do to get a pass for advising on a giant tax inversion that makes the entire Obama administration look like hypocritesis to love literature!

Last week, we asked you to email your Senators and ask that they oppose Antonio Weiss, who helped advise Burger King on their tax-dodging “tax inversion” with Tim Horton’s. It was urgent then, but with Wall Street calling on Sorkin to defend them in the pages of the NYTimes we need your help more than EVER. Stand with Senators Warren and Durbin, and keep this tax-dodging investment banker out of the Treasury Department.

Written by Other98 Team