Planned Parenthood Strikes Back

Right wing loons are going to do what right wing loons do…

…which is lie, obfuscate, play into their base’s paranoia and even hysteria. But Planned Parenthood is not taking this sitting down. They and other related organizations are hitting back, exposing what lying liars are at the core of modern-day conservatism.

It is really easy to edit videos (if you don’t believe us, I guess you think Mike Huckabee actually does perform abortions on Dancing w/ The Stars), much easier than trying to actually do something to provide women with access to birth control, or parental leave or economic security, which would give women more options. But that is not what these political Peeping Toms care about. They want to tell women they can’t have sex outside of marriage, or for enjoyment. If you think that’s a problem, watch this hilarious video! And then share, share, share!

Special thanks to our friends at UltraViolet

Written by Andy Menconi

Andy Menconi is the Art Director of Other98.