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Susan Collins’ SCOTUS vote will decide the fate of the Affordable Care Act

President Trump hand-picked a judge for Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and take away the health care protections we hold dear.

I’m begging swing Senator Susan Collins in Maine to do the right thing and vote against Kavanaugh, because our lives may depend on it.

The ACA should not be a partisan issue, because the protections in it stand for all Americans. But despite its success in covering millions of Americans, and even though many Republican lawmakers have defended it (including Senators Collins, Murkowski and McCain at a critical point last summer), the one-sided attacks against our care have continued. This judicial appointment is the latest effort in Trump’s ongoing campaign of health care sabotage, and now we’re waiting to see whether the Senate cravenly goes along with it. 130 million Americans with pre-existing conditions could be at risk, which means you or somebody you know will be affected.

Last year, I walked into a doctor’s office with a nagging cough. I walked out with a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer. Obamacare saved my life.

As a self-employed small business owner, my health insurance is through the Affordable Care Act and there is no Plan B for me. Without the ACA, what insurance company would choose to cover those of us that need this care?

I have been able to receive the care I needed to go into remission, but not all of my friends have been as lucky. Medical emergencies can happen to anyone, and we need a health care system that defends everyone. I cannot go without insurance, because I do not know if my cancer will come back. I am just one story, but millions of people are in my shoes with life-threatening diseases or medical conditions. We have to pay whatever it takes to keep our insurance or risk our lives going without it.

Access to affordable, quality health care should be a universal issue because this affects everyone. We are all only one accident or doctors’ phone call away from needing it desperately.

Lawmakers who support judges like Brett Kavanaugh should be worried: you may hide from us in your closed-door events and remove us from your town halls and forums as my own Senator Heller did last year but we will remember when we vote, now in Nevada or 2020 in Maine.

If Senator Collins refuses to hear us, we will repeal and replace her with someone who does. That’s why I’m supporting Ady Barkan’s campaign to raise money for whoever runs against her if she chooses to vote for Brett Kavanaugh.

Please consider making a pledge today. You will only be charged if she votes Yes on Kavanaugh. This is our way of holding her accountable and letting Senator Collins know that her vote will have consequences. We may not be billionaires, but together we are strong and we can move her to do the right thing. And if she doesn’t, we can help replace her with someone who will.

Written by Andy Menconi

Andy Menconi is the Art Director of Other98.