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Ted Cruz’s Ideas are Prehistoric

Given that Ted Cruz famously hates both NASA and science, we decided to commemorate his new gig by taking 5 of most idiotic quotes and putting them over pictures of cavemen. Like you do.

This is just demonstrably false.

This is actually a pretty old conservative talking point, which makes sense, because Ted Cruz was literally a baby in the ’70’s and has no first-hand knowledge of the political climate at the time. It’s also, again, wrong. Unless you want to count a magazine cover and a blurb as “everyone” being told that “global cooling was a really big problem.”

This metaphor is so stupid that it takes a few reads to understand what he’s implying: that, under net neutrality, the government would be in charge of determining things like pricing and terms of service for… the whole internet? Or something? Anyway, not only is this quote stupid, it’s also just wrong.

That’s… because it does.

Ok, that’s enough. I can’t do these anymore.

Dear Ted: if you’re going to head the committee that runs NASA, then it’s time to remove your head from either your ass or the Stone Age. Ideally, both.

Written by Other98 Team