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Golden age of television? Maybe, maybe not, but one thing we do know is that this Fall major networks will debut new programming that will cover real topics . We know it’s hard to believe, but TV is getting into social justice. Check out Think Progress’s rundown of what’s coming your way in primetime.

8 Shows Progressives Should Watch This Fall

By Carimah Townes

Every Fall, as new series compete with old ones, television forces us to make tough life choices. But ThinkProgress is here to guide you in the decision-making process. This upcoming season gives us a wide range of shows with intersecting themes to dissect: criminal justice, immigration, religion, reproductive health, race, class mobility, and gender norms in the workplace. The verdict isn’t out on whether or not the shows will start productive conversations (some certainly won’t), or just be offensive. That said, here is a guide to 8 new shows that progressives should watch (at least once), for better or worse. Hate them or love them, they’ll have people talking:

The obvious ones

1.Black-ish (Sept. 24): If there’s one thing I am 100 percent sure about, it’s that Black Twitter is going to erupt during this pilot. Some people will hate it, some people will love it, but an eruption is imminent. Black-ish tells the story of an African-American family, living in Suburbia, whose patriarch (Anthony Anderson) has an identity crisis raising his children. The title alone is off-putting, implying that middle-class black families aren’t black enough.

My initial thought upon hearing the name of the sitcom was, “Really, ABC? Are we really going to question multidimensional yet equally authentic black experiences?” And then I remembered my own internal struggles as a black girl living in the white suburbs, with comedic trials that mirrored the ones in the first trailer. And though the show is about a black family, it’s a larger commentary about what it is like to live in a community where one is, for whatever reason, different from the status quo. Black-ish speaks to the experiences of people of color nationwide, and highlights the intersections between race and class. It sheds light on what it means to be a minority in America, and as the country undergoes a rapid demographic shift, it’s one that everyone should see.

2.American Crime (2015): I’m jumping the gun since it doesn’t premiere until 2015, but this show couldn’t be timelier. It delves into the relationship between race and the legal system. In it, several murder suspects are arrested for the death of a war veteran’s son, which heats up racial tension in the small town of Modesto, CA. Although details about the series are still emerging, the explosive trailer follows a white family in mourning after a brutal murder, and a Latino family dealing with the accusation and arrest of a teenage boy. And the term “illegals” is used, so we can also assume there will be an immigration component to the crime drama, in addition to the theme of racial profiling. With police brutality and immigration constantly in the news cycle, the show magnifies the shortcomings of our criminal justice system and the role that race often plays in dividing a community. Stay tuned.

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Written by Other98 Team