The Science is in. Fracking causes earthquakes.

It seems like the world is already falling apart. What’s that thing about quitting while you’re still ahead?

Chris Mooney has published an excellent breakdown of an Inquiring Minds interview with Cornell University engineering professor Anthony Ingraffea at Mother Jones.

It makes a pretty clear case that fracking is no bueno.

From the article:

With mounting scientific evidence behind him, then, Ingraffea makes a pretty strong case today that natural gas is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The methane issue may not be settled fully, but it is undoubtedly grave—and certainly not something that we can afford to be wrong about. To still support President Obama’s “all of the above” approach to energy (which favors renewables, but also natural gas), you have to assume we can mitigate the methane leakage problem somehow. And you shouldn’t assume that without first listening, hard, to Ingraffea’s warning.

What the frack?

Written by Other98 Team