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Trumpsters are losing their shit over this interactive video for the dank new political anthem by Portugal. The Man

Alaska band Portugal. The Man (you may know them from some of their bigger songs like “Purple Yellow Red and Blue” and “Modern Jesus”) just released a new music video that’s a lot more than it first appears.

As the video plays, the viewer can click around at random; click in the right place, and you’ll unlock one of 30 different tools for resistance in the age of Trump, from “understand your protest rights” to “pick up wheatpaste skills.” A counter in the top right will keep track of how many you’ve unlocked.

We won’t spoil any more of the hidden tools: check it out, click around, and get resisting! You can also watch the video at

Bonus: it might have broken Alex Jones and his toadies.

Ad Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Production Company: PRETTYBIRD
Directors: Ian Schwartz & fourclops ::)
Interactive Platform: WIREWAX

Written by Other98 Team