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These Three Government Agencies are Openly Defying Trump’s Orders

#1. Death Valley National Park Tweets Historical Info on Internment Camps

The reason Trump’s cronies have spoken favorably about internment is that they’ve forgotten how unfathomably horrible the entire concept is! Luckily, the folks running the Death Valley National Park Service twitter are here to remind them:

See more of their tweets at @deathvalleynps.

#2. Rogue NPS Employees Set Up An Unofficial Twitter Account for the Resistance

Outside the control of General Fascismo, a brave crew of National Park Service employees have set up a Twitter handle defying Trump’s orders. To the beautiful souls running this operation — we salute you!

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Posted by The Other 98% on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

#3. @RogueNASA Joins the Fray

From US Uncut:

The account @rogueNASA is in the same vein as @AltNatParkSer and @AltUSEPA in that it’s an account not affiliated with a federal bureaucracy. As such, the account is free to defy President Trump’s obsession with pulling all references to climate change from government websites and social media accounts. As of this writing, @rogueNASA has over 27,000 followers in just a matter of hours.

Together, we #Resist

Written by Kelly Mears

Kelly is the Technical Director of Other98.