Top 5 Reasons Why The Minimum Wage Should Be Raised

The top 1% has us fighting over scraps that are falling off of a table that doesn’t even have a seat for us. If you think paying fast food workers 15 bucks an hour is too much, then you’re right where they want you.

Raising the wages for earners at the lowest end of the spectrum can only help us all. Here are 5 reasons to back that claim up.

You read that right; over 21 bucks an hour. You think you would be making the same salary you are today if millions of fast food workers were making $21/hour? If we raise the minimum wage, America in turn, will get a raise …and yes, we’re talking about you, dear reader.

We live in a different world from that of previous generations. No longer are fast food workers simply high school kids looking to make a little extra cash to go buy their Sony Walkmans, Rubiks Cubes and episodes of Beverly Hills 90210 on VHS. More often than not, the person serving you a burger and fries is an adult supporting children at home.

That’s a fact, Jack! Because McDonalds pays so little, the American taxpayer subsidizes their employees to the tune of 7 Billion dollars EVERY SINGLE YEAR; even full-time employees are often paid so little that, in order to make ends meet, they have to turn to programs like food stamps, housing assistance, Medicaid… That’s money that McDonalds should be paying to their own employees, coming right out of your pocket and going into the pockets of rich CEO’s who could give a shit about hungry children.

Going to college? Think you’re above working at a fast food restaurant? Well, reality might have different plans for you and your increasingly worthless college diploma. Whether you realize it or not, you could be paying off your student loans with a job in the fast food industry – just like thousands of other Americans. After all, it’s the largest growing job sector in America right now (mostly because it’s the only thing the 1% hasn’t figured out how to outsource – yet).

America used to lead the world in workers’ rights and now we’re letting Australia one-up us on pay? Union workers died so we could get things like the weekend and bargaining power for fair wages. Henry Ford helped birth the middle class by paying his employees more money. Let’s call it trickle up-economics. It worked then, and it can work again.

So lighten up on the, “I only make X-amount per hour, why should fast food workers get a raise and not me” mode of thinking. It’s counter-intuitive. If you’re singing that tune, you are fighting a battle for rich old dudes who don’t give two shits about you, and the only outcome will be that they get richer while we sit here and tear each other apart. A rising tide lifts all boats, and it’s time for the tide to rise. Join us and join the fight for 15!


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