Trumpcare could kill your grandmother

The GOP’s latest push to obliterate Obamacare and replace it with Trumpcare just shifted into high gear. Incredibly, this bill is their worst healthcare dumpster fire to date, so of course it has the best chance to pass that we’ve seen so far.

Under the new Graham-Cassady bill a whopping 32 million people will lose their insurance, and that number grows radically after 2027.

And of course, we’re losing the one thing everybody loves about The Affordable Care Act: prohibiting insurance companies from price-gouging people with pre-existing conditions.

Even worse than that, now insurance companies can raise rates when you do get sick. That’s right, you can be perfectly healthy for years and years, paying a normal rate. But the moment something major happens to you: car accident, heart attack, cancer or basically anything that is expensive, they can jack up your rates.

The "We are stripping healthcare from 32 million people" fistbump
The “We are stripping healthcare from 32 million people” fistbump

If you can only afford health insurance when you’re healthy, then why the fuck even bother having it in the first place?

This cuts coverage for low income seniors, children and people with disabilities, because apparently what Jesus was really saying was that the weakest among us should suffer the most.

It means no more healthcare for 11 million low income adults, because poor people should just die off naturally, problem solved.

It eliminates funding for Planned Parenthood, because it’s high time women got back in the baby making and keeping their mouths shut business.

And all subsidies for the Affordable Care Act will now be “block grants” for states to decide how to spend, because states’ rights derp derp derp.

It’s truly amazing that, of all the shitty TrumpCares we’ve seen, this one is most likely to pass, thanks to a fluke in the Senate rules that allows the GOP to win whatever they want with just 50 votes for the next 2 weeks.

McConnell will generously allow debate up to 2 minutes because hey, healthcare only affects every single one of us, not to mention accounting for 1/6 of our whole economy.  

If we can stop them this time, then after September 30th they’ll need the normal 60 votes again. Until then, I’m afraid it’s another “All hands on deck!” moment to bombard your Senators with angry phone calls and emails.

Give the Senate hell right now:

Posted by The Other 98% on Monday, September 18, 2017


We have won this fight before, and we had best do everything we can now to win it again.

Because we’re talking about tens millions of people. I know we’re talking about me. We’re probably even talking about you.

Written by Andy Menconi

Andy Menconi is the Art Director of Other98.