Who Uses Religious Freedom to take away Freedom?

Indiana Governor Signs Law Legalizing Discrimination Against LGBTQ People

Who names something, “The Religious Freedom Bill” and then uses it to take away other peoples freedom? Governor Mike Pence of Indiana, that’s who.

He just signed into law controversial legislation that gives legal cover, under the guise of “religious liberties,” to any business or individual who wish to violate anti-discrimination laws.

A cynic might say he is simply juicing the gears of a presidential run for the GOP by going to the old playbook; Guns, Gays and God. (gadzooks it’s a two’fer)

His signing of this bill has created quite a stir. Already, the gamer convention ‘Gen Con’ has pulled out and it’s the states largest convention every year clocking in at over 56,000 attendees who will NOT be visiting Indiana. The Disciples of Christ church group has threatened to pull their conventions out of Indianapolis. Tech giant Salesforce said it would halt its plans to expand in the state, too. Now the NCAA is concerned about next weeks March Madness games.

And Now Miley Cyrus has called Mike Pence an Asshole.

Governor Pence tried to downplay the law’s impact Thursday, but his allies who pushed it in the legislature — led by Eric Miller, the head of Advance America and a powerful lobbyist on socially conservative issues in Indiana, who stood behind Pence at Thursday’s bill signing ceremony — touted the protections it affords businesses against gays, lesbians and transgender Hoosiers.

On his website, Miller highlighted examples of the law’s effect: Christian bakers, florists and photographers won’t have to participate in “homosexual marriage,” he wrote, while  Christian businesses won’t be punished for “refusing to allow a man to use the women’s restroom.”

I’m with Miley. These guys are ALL assholes and this crap has to end. Unfortunately it’s part of a broader effort for Conservative Governors across America to begin “Fighting back for their religious freedom.”

So in a time of record unemployment and slumping prosperity it looks like the GOP is going straight for the culture war. So much for the jobs plan they keep talking about.

Written by Other98 Team