Wall Street Won a Battle, But the War Isn’t Over

This year, an epic battle was waged in Congress over a Wall Street giveaway in the spending bill. House Republicans jammed in language that would allow big banks to gamble with money insured by taxpayers. And that language was written…by Citigroup lobbyists [1]!

And while they may have gotten away with it for now, we went down fighting, and with YOUR HELP, we blew it up! There was wall-to-wall coverage on cable news, in print, and even a segment on The Daily Show [2]!

That’s going to make it much harder for Wall Street to get away with this the next time. We’re ready to fight back even bigger in 2015 — but we need your help to do it.

This isn’t the first time Wall Street has tried to hold Congress hostage. They tried to pass the same bill last year, and we at The Other 98% was one of the very first groups to talk about it…all the way back in October 2013 [3]. That’s right: we were telling you about this even before Elizabeth Warren was!

We fought our heart out to stop this, and YOU helped us, by helping us to share this story and make it the media bonanza it was.

We want to keep shining a searing spotlight on Wall Street in 2015, and calling them out when try to put working families on the hook for their risky behavior. With a Republican super-majority coming in 2015, Wall Street will be more aggressive than ever. We want to be there every step of the way to call them out and beat them back.

Will you chip in and help us continue to shine a spotlight on Wall Street in 2015?


  1. For the full story, see The Huffington Post, “Elizabeth Warren Joins Revolt Against Wall Street Deal In Government Shutdown Talks.”
  2. The Daily Show, “Grand Budget Hotel
  3. Other98,Alexis Breaks Down the Citigroup Bill-Writing Scandal

Written by Other98 Team