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What Happened?

There is a lot of blame to go around for the debacle that birthed this disastrous Trump presidency but I firmly believe a good-sized chunk of it lands squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton. For about 20 bucks you can read her new book, What Happened, all from the crystalline view from her ivory tower in the lofty clouds of Super Pac brunches and secret Wall Street motivational speeches. But if she knew what the hell actually happened, she would be president now, not pushing some bullshit book.

I don’t really want to even think about Hillary. There’s too much shit going on that is real, but I keep seeing excerpts from her upcoming book and I just can’t keep my mouth shut about it.

Let’s begin.   

The primary process for the Democrats was an utter disaster. To the horror of voters who wanted to see an actual fair race, the primary was decided from the get-go. The “Super Delegates” had already cast their votes behind Hillary, making it an uphill battle before the battle could even begin.

Then came Bernie. He inspired a generation of millennials to turn out in droves. People wanted to hear his vision: universal healthcare, free and/or affordable college, serious actual regulations on Wall Street. These were big bold plans that people were responding to. That Rust Belt that Hillary lost? Bernie was filling up football stadiums in city after city in that very same Rust Belt, laying out the groundwork for his platform that people just couldn’t get enough of. It’s not Bernie’s fault that Hillary didn’t visit Wisconsin even once in the last 6 months of the campaign. It’s not Bernie’s fault that Hillary is about as inspiring as a robot poorly programmed to imitate the speech patterns and empathy of actual human beings that live in the real world.

When the dust settled and Hillary “won” the Primary, why didn’t she ask Bernie to be her VP? Why didn’t she at least adopt some of his bigger ideas to her platform? After all, almost 50% of all Democratic votes were for Bernie, and that isn’t even including the hundreds of thousands of  of independents who were not even allowed to participate in the primary process. She had a chance to unite the party, and instead she chose to split it in half. Asking what’s-his-name (does anyone even remember that dude?) to be VP was the typically uninspiring choice of a centrist Democrat; another white guy in a suit and tie meant to appeal to moderate Republicans as opposed to left-leaning millennials.

The whole thing was a sham. If you don’t think so, then why did the DNC have to fire Debbie Wasserman Schultz? She was busted for basically throwing the whole thing for Hillary. The DNC is supposed to be impartial, yet it was concluded that through a series of shady Super Pacs and outright lies, they rigged the whole thing for Hillary. And then what did Hillary do after Debbie Wasserman Schultz was fired? She hired her to work directly with her campaign. She might as well have spit in the face of every single voter who cast their vote for Bernie.

And now she trots out her book to tell us all “What Happened.” It feels like the whole world is falling apart and she’s out in the public sphere shilling her book for 20 bucks on Amazon?  Isn’t she like, one of the richest people in the whole damn country? And she goes for a tell-all money grab of a book deal? Get a clue Hillary, this is one of the many reasons people hate you.

Meanwhile, Bernie is still acting like he is running for president. He is going around speaking, firing people up. He has even gone to the Deep South, states the DNC gave up on decades ago, and getting standing ovations for things like Universal Healthcare. In a poll a few months ago Bernie won out as the most popular politician in America. And Hillary? She ranked even less popular than Trump!

And what does Hillary crap on in her book? Universal Healthcare. Can you say tone deaf? Newsflash: people want it. All of Europe has it. I am so tired of this defeatist attitude that we can never have Universal Healthcare. This is America, not American’t. If all those other countries can do it, then why the hell can’t we?

Hillary needs to go away. So does Bill. The whole Clinton family needs to slink off and do whatever it is that mega millionaires do with their millions, but they need to get the fuck out of politics. They are a poison. Even the Bill Clinton years are tainted with racist dog-whistling (remember “superpredators”?), NAFTA, the Glass-Steagall Act and pushing the “center” of politics further and further right by trying again and again to appeal to moderate Republicans with their “alt-light” policies.

And the DNC needs to wake the fuck up. There are more millennials of voting age now then there are baby boomers. They lean left. They want Universal Healthcare. They are tired of how expensive college is. They see that our government has been bought and is now run by Wall Street, Big Pharma and the ginormous Oil Companies.  

If Trump’s win proved anything, it is that Americans are sick to fucking death of politics as usual and if there is anything HIllary Rodham Clinton represents it is just that; politics as usual.

Written by Andy Menconi

Andy Menconi is the Art Director of Other98.