Other 98

Together, we are the Other 98

Other98 uses meme warfare and savvy boots-on-the-ground actions to challenge the corporations and billionaires that have hijacked our democracy. We fight like hell for an America that works for the other 98% of us.

Whoever wins the battle of the story wins the war.

Other98 specializes in winning the battle of the story through meme warfare with some of the Internet’s most viral original political content. Our massive online storytelling machine aims to disentangle complex policy, connect dots between issues like climate justice and reparations, and provide a home for like-minded — and not so like-minded — people to take ownership of these memes, and fight for them accordingly.

"Too often in America the right wing owns the narrative and dominates the airwaves. Other98 specializes in the kind of viral meme warfare that reaches millions and mobilizes progressives to fight and win."

Larry Krasner
Larry Krasner
District Attorney of Philadelphia, PA

Issue Areas

We're proud to be one of the biggest and loudest voices in the progressive social media world, reaching 7-15 million people every day with original online content that seeks to transform dominant narratives and provide tools for engagement. We know that storytelling can change the world, because we've seen it happen again and again.

Economic Justice

Tax the rich. It's that simple.


More voters means better leaders and better laws.

Reproductive Justice

Because everyone deserves bodily autonomy.

Big Pharma

The poison pill at the center of our healthcare system.

Climate Justice

There is no Planet B.

Racial Justice

No one is free until we're all free.


Some of our greatest hits.

  • 8,893,804 post impressions

    8,893,804 post impressions

    1,417,751 engagements

  • 7,588,660 post impressions

    7,588,660 post impressions

    1,199,463 engagements

  • 12,257,823 post impressions

    12,257,823 post impressions

    1,536,966 engagements

  • 2,692,804 post impressions

    2,692,804 post impressions

    474,809 engagements

  • 1,237,624 post impressions

    1,237,624 post impressions

    239,981 engagements

  • 5,665,620 impressions

    5,665,620 impressions

    904,915 engagements

  • 2,333,243 post impressions

    2,333,243 post impressions

    382,006 engagements

  • 2,449,626 post impressions

    2,449,626 post impressions

    310,573 engagements

  • 1,359,045 post impressions

    1,359,045 post impressions

    196,377 engagements


Memes for the people

Engaging millions of people every day on the world's largest social networks

We concentrate our firepower on Facebook, because Facebook has eaten the internet, whether we like it or not: 1.6 billion people are on Facebook every day, with nearly half of all Americans reporting that it's their primary news source. Since our launch in 2010, Other98 has built one of the largest media platforms in the world using Facebook, with a higher reach and more engagements than the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Breitbart combined. In 2017, Mike Allen’s Axios named Other98's feed specifically as an “early indicator” of growing movements; our enormous social media reach is having real, material impact on peoples' lives every day.

6.8 millionTotal followers on Facebook as of early 2022

110.7 millionPeople reached per month in 2022, on average

27.2 millionPost engagements per month on average in 2022 from people liking, commenting on, or sharing our posts