Major Moments

April 15


Other98 was founded on Tax Day, 2010.
January 30

Quarantine the Kochs

On January 30th, 2011, over a thousand rallied outside the secret, biannual Koch conference, a shadowy gathering of corporate tycoons to plan their buying of elections for the upcoming political cycle.
May 13

Koch Brothers Guerrilla Drive-In

We took over the David Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York City, with Koch Brothers Exposed ( and Brave New Foundation (
November 4

November 4: Koch Blocked in DC

A photo of a crowd at a protest in DC; it is night, and they look to be overflowing from the sidewalk into the street. An inflatable pig in a suit and top hat is towering above the crowd, meant to stand in for the Koch Brothers
Other98 and a bunch of our friends crashed a gala event hosted by Koch front group Americans for Prosperity at the Washington Convention Center in DC. We handed out popcorn and used a projector to turn the building into a giant movie screen, playing short films about the Kochs’ efforts to increase income inequality and keep special interests in power.
January 2

Occupy the Kochs

The Koch's main front group, Americans for Prosperity (AFP), hosted a gala at the Washington Convention Center in DC. Guests included Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, Andrew Breitbart, and Grover Norquist. Outside Other98 gathered for a Guerrilla Drive-In. We had a blast.
April 5

Launch of Beautiful Trouble

The cover of Beautiful Trouble. It is a white background with a drawn hammer. The title is written in large rainbow letters at the top.
We helped put together Beautiful Trouble, a handbook with over 70 contributors laying down accumulated wisdom of decades of creative protest, to pass it on to the next generation of change-makers. Multiple current and past O98-ers contributed sections for the book. You can get one too!
August 5

Dump Dimon & Let Chase Eat Cake

We gathered 42,000 signatures on a petition demanding Jamie Dimon step down from the NY Federal Reserve, then snuck them into Chase HQ by printing the petition on plates of cake.
December 5

Video Launch: Exxon Hates Your Children

We were served a cease and desist for daring to air this satirical TV ad. Worth it.
March 6


We joined CREDO and Rainforest Action Network to create the NoKXL Pledge of Resistance, kickstarting an enormous nationwide movement. We kept up the heat until President Obama issued the final veto in 2015.
June 6

Free The Press Indiegogo Raises 200K

We tried to buy the Tribune Company. We didn't quite make it, but what a ride.
May 16

Launch of the Mosquito Fleet

Other98 throws down at the "Paddle In Seattle" and helps launch the Mosquito Fleet. Shell has since ceased all arctic drilling operations. #ShellNo
October 7

Launched Whistleblow Wall Street

Other98 launched Whistleblow Wall Street, a Tor secured server designed to shine a light on banker malfeasance.
November 15

Standing Rock

We were honored to work with Standing Rock Sioux tribal leadership to produce Stand With Standing Rock. It is the tribe's central organizing, fundraising, and digital advocacy hub for the pipeline protests.

Other98 team members also traveled to camp and worked on-the-ground to develop online homes for Indigenous Peoples Power Project and Water Protector Legal Collective.